Posters with amazing quality

We offer a smart and flexible solution for those of you who would like to make your own posters. We help with the printing of the poster and then we will pack your poster in sturdy tubes where you make your option for the color of the tube and the lid.
Your artwork will be printed on an FSC®-certified 240-gram premium paper with matte finish made in Sweden. You can choose from the following sizes: 30x40cm, 40x50cm and 50x70cm. The artwork is printed with our high-quality inkjet printers where we work in RGB. The RGB colorimetric has a wider color range than CMYK which is used by traditional offset printing. Our technique combined with the quality of the paper will give a very sharp print with an impressive color rendering. The poster will be packed and delivered in a sturdy tube with a tight-fitting lid. Choose between black, white or natural color of the tube and a white or black lid. A nice label can be printed and fastened on the outside of the tube with your motif as well as title and size of the poster. The label can be printed with your own layout adjusted to the size of the label or according to a standard format.

Choose size

The sizes available are 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. Would you like another size? Please contact us.


Size 30x40cm comes in a white envelope. Larger posters are available in three different colors of the tube and black or white lid.


Design your own label for the outside of the tube or envelope. You decide if it should be printed in grayscale or in color. We have a standard label size.


File format: TIFF, PSD, PDF or JPG
Resolution: 300 dpi in scale 1:1
Color space: Adobe RGB1998

Vector files: EPS, Ai, or PDF
Color space: Adobe RGB1998


Prices are excluding carriage costs.