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Åry Trays (Åry AB) uses cookies. The cookies will be deleted when you close your browser. If you open a new browser window, new cookies will be created. We will save the information about the cookie as a random information which can be used to create anonymous statistics within our web shop.
According to the law about GDPR we need your acceptance to process information about you. The information that we receive from you will be used to fulfil our commitments towards you, send offers or other marketing purposes. Åry Trays (Åry AB) will not give out your information to third party if you do not agree. You can always change or delete the information that has been registered.
If you do not wish that cookies are registered on your computer, you can turn off this function. This is done in the browser settings. In that case no cookies are saved, but you will not be able to use some functions on the web site.