We have produced high quality products from heat molded birch veneer in our own factory since 1952. It takes thoroughness, skills and knowledge of the craftsmanship. Having our own factory gives us full control over the quality and all stages of the process. It makes us swift, flexible and innovative.

Our main product is laminated birch veneer trays in various shapes and sizes. A versatile utility item that can also serve as a decorative interior detail. It is also the ultimate message carrier for promotional purposes as it is both functional, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Our product range offers many choices in terms of size and shape. In addition to trays, we offer a wide range of other products such as coasters, cutting boards, trivets, placemats, stools and the novelty of the year; posters.

We will help you throughout the entire process, ranging from basic image processing to the production of customized packaging solutions. The end result becomes a product that breathes quality and durability.